Craft artworks - traditional and modern craft property, accessories, art clothing, wall decorations, other decorations, culture products - from Korea and other countries made by dyeing, weaving, felt, knit, embroidering, Hanji, bamboo works, Chogo, ceramic, Mokchil, metal, glasses, and so on are displayed, and it plays a role as an art shop.
This hall is for special exhibition and rental exhibition - natural dyeing, traditional craft, fabric art, other fabric craft(Hanji, leather, felt, and weaving), photo and design, exhibition of patterns(traditional Samhil patterns - Gyohil, Hyeophil, Galhil, Neunghwapan, and patterns of world), paintings made with natural material, foods dyed by natural dyes such as Dasik, Ddeok, drinks, and so on are displayed here.
Using samples from natural dyed foods, natural dyeing, and general dyeing as testing material, we preserve and research the skills of dyeing by studying test research, food with natural dyes, Dasik, traditional cookies, and traditional foods.
We make plans for seminars, fashion shows, exhibitions, and exchanges of natural dyeing artworks, skills, opinions, and studies with many other countries - USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and other countries.