Relics with natural dyeing such as fabrics, wrapping clothes, accessories, clothing, pillows, blankets, and other traditional materials made with dyeing, embroidering, quilting, knots, sewing, and patterns are collected, in addition to other traditional fabrics and craft works.
Tools required for natural dyeing - traditional tools(water bowl, liquor bowl, fermentation bowl, steamer, Jabegi, Jjok-anggeum pot, lime pot, ash pot, Danggre, Sokuri, Cheban, etc.) / modern tools(dip-dyeing tool, fermentation tool, and steaming tool) / finalizing and post-processing tools(Hongdukke, Dadeumidol, and hitting sticks) / weaving tools(loom, spinning wheel, and wedge) / tools for extracting dyeing pigment(Metdol, Hakgwa-jeolgu, Yakganeunteul, caldron) - are displayed with Minsokpum and Ddeok shape press.
Patterns appeared in traditional dyed fabrics, patterns in clothing, wall decoration, patterns in living craft tools, and patterns in folk assets and relics are made into database in world network using documents, pictures, photo books, and picture explanations
Korean patterns, Far-eastern patterns, South-Eastern Asia patterns, Western patterns, South America patterns, Indian patterns, textile design, old documents, traditional culture, traditional craft, natural dyeing, medical herb, fabric craft, documents about cultural assets, cultural books, and reports are here.
Fabrics such as dyed fabrics, Hanji, handweaving fabrics, knits, and felts, research data through measuring and coloring natural dyed fabrics are here.